Friday, May 25, 2007

A story

It was a Monday morning and she was on her way to work . The sun was bright & its heat added fuel to the existing "Monday morning blues".

She looked preoccupied - apprehensive or embarrassed one could not figure that out for sure.She looked elegant in a green cotton kurta with a back collar and a cream churidar.A jute bag and a black square dialed watch complimented the attire.
People took a second look at her as she passed, but she never seemed to notice the thousand people around her.She was in her own world.
She closed her eyes & wished she had a time machine like in the movie
"Back to the future". She wasnt greedy to trace back so many years,she just wanted to travel back two days.
She wished she had listened to her mom's words & never been to that dreadful place.She remembered the room where she went,big & sophisticated it was -alright yet..Her memory was daunted with the big apparatus that she saw for the first time in her life & the chill atmosphere spiced up with a soothing music.

She reached her work place & her pace slowed. Her eyes wandered around trying to get a glimpse of some known face.
"Hey" she heard a cry. She recognised the voice of her colleague.
"Oh my God" she thought, "this is the moment"
"You look great with this new haircut, amazing!!"
"Thanks dear"

She hurried now with a bright face, full of confidence and glow & touched her
lovely curly black hair.
Indeed she got the first feedback for her short hairdo !!

P.S: A story after four solid months


PurpleHeart said...

Hmm...Real Life experience ? U got short hair too !

Girish said...

haha ennada innum varalaye nu paathen.. [:P]

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog, You won't believe i read through all your blogs you had posted one ... Very interesting .... I am going to be regular visitor hence forth

ScRiBbLeR said...

Yeah a little exaggerated though :)


Good to know that you liked my blog.. but a pity that you chose to be anonymous

Devil's Advocate said...

ahem ahem.. [:D]

Aspire to be Dr.Jekyll Always said...

I am sorry , it was not intentional to be anoymous. I am just starting to scribble in blog, (as i always had some excuse to not to do it before).

I just went by default options, which i guess should have been Anonymous...