Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Man proposes

Marriage proposals,how do we imagine them?

A man carrying a bunch of roses in his hand, kneeling down with a ring & telling "Will you marry me my love"?(Now if you happened to be in front of the lady's door,do not forget to look up ; else you might end up proposing her mom or worst case her best friend mrgreen)

Or probably if the guy is a lot more romantic he would arrange a candle light dinner, have music band play & a big chocolate cake(extra..!!)

Or the romantic idea as in the Slice Ad - put a ring inside the cool drink
bottle (beware you need to be clever enough to act fast & execute this without your girl noticing)

May be a wild adventurer like actor Madhavan in the movie Rang De Basanti would
propose unexpectedly on the top of a hill (Ensure that your lady is not height-sick else she might act weird & puke at your very costly ring!!)

Wild imaginations huh?!Wait..best is yet to come.Technology has spread its roots even in this romantic area.Recently came across this wiki article that enlists the odd proposals by today's geeks.Really Geeky!!

PS:Whatever method you use ,do not forget to top up with the big ring you guys!!wink

And thus ended my 50th blog post.


Anonymous said...

50th?! impressive!

PurpleHeart said...

That was romantic way to touch up on Golden 50. Congratulations !

Devil's Advocate said...

congratulations.. btw sm1 getting romantic ideas these days.. he he he

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thanks!I never knew one post counts as days..

Devil's Advocate said...

btw guys are not so lucky that they will get a proper/good response all the time.. so generally they don't propose like this.. pity girls and pity boys too.. :P

Suddha said...

Congratulations on your 50th anniversary... :)

I stumbled upon your blog by accident, through Linkreferral. Your writing is lucid and with a funny sense of humour. I live in Bangladesh. Why don't you give your neighbour a visit sometimes? I'd be very happy!

Wishing to see you around!

love and squalor said...

we met online and he proposed online. when I said yes, all I remembered of him was his toothy grin. had met him only once.
this post brought back pleasant memories.