Tuesday, December 18, 2007

He, She, It

The dials of the new titan watch in her wrist showed 9:10 am when she kick started her scooty pep plus.She was earlier than usual and she had all the reasons in the world to do that.
"Oh please don't make me superstitious", she told the fiery black cat that crossed her path.Yes, like any other Indian child she was taught by her grandmom about cats and their bad luck. Particularly today she never wanted anything to spoil her plans.
Straightening her black cross bag, she started off to work with a small smile in her face.

He was combing his hair for the third time in a span of five minutes.Bunch of shirts were lying down on his bed making a bright VIBGYOR. "Paint my love" by MLTR rocked the whole room with a thunderous effect.His lips were dancing along with the tune in a rhythm.After looking at the mirror for the nth time, he finally posed a smile of satisfaction and started off to work in his black pulsar bike.

***To be continued


PurpleHeart said...

So, 'IT' is the cat ?? Welcome back after a long vacation !!

jbritto said...

Hope it has a happy ending

s4n705h said...

Hmmm.. another love story or is it just another co-incidence?

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hmm yet to decide that :)

Yeah sure..