Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Learning Curve

A post after a very long time indeed ! Things have changed.. new country...new home..chilly weather giving a lovely colour!!

For the book lovers, being in an European/US library is like having a free sale through out the year.You go to the library, take a random book and never regret about spending money on something worthless because all are freebies here.

I picked this book called "The Learning curve"  judging purely by its cover . I did not have enough time to read the full synopsis as it was a last minute walk into the library.

"The Learning Curve " is written by Mellisa Nathan  and was published in 2009.

The book is a romantic chick lit and the characters are well defined.It is a tale of a school teacher Miss Nicky Hobbs and how she tries to understand her life's true ambition. A complicated relationship with her co worker Rob turns even more complex with the entry of Mr.Mark Samuels. Mark is a single father whose son Oscar turns out to be Nicky's best pupil.
All the characters from the school headmistress Miss James, the friends - Ally & Pete,the black sheep in the school- Amanda , the lovely Daisy and her mom Lillith, to Nicky's nieces, spice up the story line as needed.Though there are a few places where it did turn little repetitive , on the whole it is a keeper.
Do not forget.. there are many fresh romantic encounters for the girl in you :)

Just when I started looking up the author and acknowledgement section, I was shocked to read that the book had been published posthumously.
It is really sad that Mellisa Nathan died early at the age of 37 from Breast cancer. The book world sure lost a wonderful writer.

Next on my reading list is the waitress by the same author.


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