Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Happy Teachers day

Today morning I was looking at the newspaper and felt something familiar with this date Sept 5th .
And then it struck me "Ahh..Teachers day"- a special wonderful day in schools. One day that every teacher enjoys. The day when the students rush for bouquets or small gifts to please their favorite miss!
Hmm miss those days.

Now I remember an incident that happened in my college hostel. NO connection to the post title though.

My great methodological college had something called as study hour, 8-10pm every day during which you are supposed to study(Yes, no kidding).
During one such hour I was in a room which wasn’t my own. This was my pseudo room or rather my room was my pseudo room (confusing huh??)
Whatever but my roommate was using my cot to dump her things, so now you know which was what.

We were around five of us all buried in deep conversation regarding the internal tests.
That was a joke. So jokes apart, what we were we discussing then..??

May be about this senior, whom we thought looked like actor Madhavan & later realized he looked more like a Gorilla & pitied Maddy. Or about this hot pair that was famous or rather infamous for their open fights. Or was it about the professor who used to stand in an odd posture while writing on the board. Or was it simply about the so-called dinner that we had that night.

But the fact was suddenly we felt like super heroines and lifted a cot that was not empty. Actually it had a poor girl sleeping in there & she woke up with a fright. She was not supposed to sleep in the study hour right ?

After doing a good job I said, "Ok girls I'm off to my room" & turned only to be stopped by a huge lady standing with hands on her hips. It was our very own hostel warden blocking the door & she had a wicked smile on her face. She was our physical training instructer as well, so I used all my wits & managed to tell,
"Ma'am we are practicing for the upcoming weightlifting competition..dont we rock?”

Alas, I really wish I had told that for I don’t remember what I really blurted out then.


s4n705h said...

Thanks for reminder. will be calling one of my teacher today!!
Wish we had that much guts at that time to tell such a thing to our teacher.

when i was in school we also had study hour called as PREP. timing 2:30 - 3:30 and 6 - 7:30. that was 5 years back!!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

You could have mentioned something about physics as well. That could have worked.

Zee said...

please the favourite "miss"! you must be an all girls school product! :)

The Mahathma said...

you are educated ! :-O

that is surprising :p

The Mahathma said...

kiddin ! hostel life is always awsome!

The Mahathma said...

and teachers is one of the best scotch whiskys around

ScRiBbLeR said...

Good to know you actually call someone!!

Physics? Hmm ..

Haha actually majority of my schooling was in co-ed :) !!

@The Mahathma
Yeah its fun !!

PurpleHeart said...

Gomathy, Do u remember we students used to get to boss around the junior kids on Teachers day in Adarsh ! That's one of the few good memories I have about that school. And they made u STUDY in college, and that too during the cream of the evening ??????? That's the sad part about being in hostels !! 8-10 would always be the conference call time for us girls, we were day scholars, thankfully !

Honey Bee said...

omething similar happened to me bu i just told her that I was coming to see her...

Fond memories.. thanks for making me remeber those days

ScRiBbLeR said...

Yes I remember that was so much fun !! that was one era..
And yeah..though we had these stupid rules..we always had this motto "BREAK THE RULES" :)

sirpy said...

Maddy and Gorilla.. Hmmm... tough competition..

Bungi said...

This is so darn funny! Reminds me of my hostel days...

Oh, i'm reading mysterious affairs at the styles too... But it is an e-book that i am reading.

ScRiBbLeR said...

@Honey Bee
Hmm...I was like standing head to head with her..
& yes new profile pic since you guys were bored with the old one!!

Yeah that was a big mistake :D

They are telecasting that on Pogo also right?

Devil's Advocate said...

he he he

take this as comment.. :P