Thursday, September 27, 2007


Monday was a big day for every Indian- we are the proud owners of the First T20 World cup !
I'm really very happy that I was able to watch this historic event and that too in a jam packed place with 1500 odd people.
Wow what a match. Here are few snaps that I managed to click amidst the whistles,bangs,drums and hoots

Now what do you feel when after all this someone asks you the next day,
"Yesterday there was a match.. who won? "

Here is another picture from my work place

This is my keyboard and if you are not blind you will notice a hole between F9 and F11 keys.
Yup , my F10 key is missing since yesterday !!


s4n705h said...

seems you were celebrating for quite a time!! Where were you seeing the match some pub or cafe? 1500 people are too much..

Hahaha. there you go. lost the most crucial key of the keyboard. how will you step over?? (Assuming Visual Studio developer)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thats an IT park in Chennai.. :)
& I dont work in visual studio.. so I never use F10 !!

PurpleHeart said...

Gomathy, are u still Cricket Frenzy ? Do u remember those days whn you me and ur sis would talk, eat and play nothing but cricket !!!??

By the ways, the T20 final was the best I had caught in a decade !

Bungi said...

Great loss, indeed... I wonder who was so desperate for it?!

Zee said...

my boyfriend was on his way back from somewhere and i smsed him the score mmin by min, ball by ball for over 2 that's crazy isn't it!! and cool too!

santhosh said...

Just thank your Gods there isn't a F20 key1 :)

vigneswaralu said...

lesser blessed mortal who were able to get the scores only on have reported a spoilt F5 key ;)

Jude said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your F10 key. Hope you get it back soon.

s4n705h said...

Than it must be some one who needs the key (read A VS developer :) )

Vignesh CTRL + R do the same thing as f5

ScRiBbLeR said...

Yup I remember that very well.. had lost some interest in between but T20 brought back my energy :)

Huh.. I'm still searching..

Yup crazy..all of us..I also did the same to two friends!


Aha..Lucky me :D

Thx for ur concern Jude

I'm planning to escalate wat say ;)

ദീപു : sandeep said...

hope you got your F10 back :).

I watched only towards the end. Though I was updated abt the scores once in a while!!!!!!!!!!

JollyRoger said...

I missed watching that match live because of a simple oversight. My train ticket to Karur was 10 PM and back was 8.25 PM, but I ended up in the Egmore station at 8 PM.

My kid brother was good enough to give me a running commentary on the phone and I made a small scene in the station when Misbah, mis bah 5 runs!

crazyBugga said...

wats the use of F10 BTW?

sirpy said...

IT park.. Hmmm.. Was it ascendas...?

ScRiBbLeR said...

Not yet :)


Useful if u are a mainframe or
visual studio guy..anyways I'm not either..

Nope :)

chronicwriter said...

hey sajeeve(mahatma) must be behind the f10 issue... should we interrogate?

chronicwriter said...

eekaduthaangal memories

praveen said...

yep, tats a great match...I watched it in my office cafeteria...had the same enjoyment here.. keep rocking.. :D

IR said...

match was rocking,
whats f 10 used for ?- sorry non techie !

Honey Bee said...

Why should anyone take an F10 Key? BTW where did you see the match with 1500 Office? Shucks! Is there an opening for me?

The Mahathma said...

why do u need a keyboard !

The Mahathma said...

i hope your not too hurt ! why are people trying so hard to find out where you work ! are u so hawwwtt!!

ScRiBbLeR said...

Yeah we should definitely !!


Yup.. & regarding F10 key pls check my previous comment in the same post.

@Honey Bee u really wanna take a risk just for a match ;)

@The Mahathma
Why shouldnt I ?!
U should pose the Q to them not to me.. ;) .. & anyway I think thats human nature to identify a place when the image is shown!

Day Dreamer said...

may be there is a secret admirer in ur office scribbler ;-).. remember madhavan in Minnalae!!!!! ;-)) ..hmm..poor guy.. enna paavam paninaanoo

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hahaha..that was a nice comment :D

Compassion Unlimitted said...

20*20 Short and sweet..But energy level big and mighty.If thats your office.neighbours envy !


The Mahathma said...

so are u hawt or nawt :p

The Mahathma said...

anyway tht looks like tidel park :p

dont tell me ur in tidel!

s4n705h said...

Gal its high time to write a new post. come on. where are you?

ScRiBbLeR said...

@Compassion Unlimitted
Thx for dropping by..
Thats a nice line for T20 "Short n Sweet' :)

@The Mahathma
I'm not.. !!
So what if I work there... :P

Yeah I know..tied up with work..but thats not an excuse.. :(
Will be back ASAP..!!

Mr.X said...


The Mahathma said...

i c ! i dont work in tidel park! i thank God

The Mahathma said...


ScRiBbLeR said...

very much..I dont work in Tidel either :)