Tuesday, July 15, 2008

He n She

Posting my old story..to give my blog a wake up call.

"Hey, you look good in this picture” she told him looking at the mobile.

"Either you have impersonated or your phone is a magic, or quite possibly you really have become handsome" she told, tapping his shoulders.
"Will it make you happy if I told that you have become blind”, he said which led to her laughing like the white waves that roared near them.

She had long curls that touched her face and wore a cream colored salwar which had bold prints. Her hands looked very small compared to the large brown ones that held hers. She was fighting with the breeze in removing the velvety black hair that blocked her lovely face & he enjoyed watching her actions as always.

"It’s unbelievable...”

"Huh there...you can never be quiet at a stretch”, he said... "Ok ok..so what’s unbelievable now?!"
"The fact that in a week's time we will be husband & wife, you moron"
"Oh my..now don’t let me think about that I already regret very much "
"Huh..you should be lucky enough to have me..no girl will marry a jerk like you.. "

Saying these she got up and walked towards the sea.It was slowly becoming dark when they started taking a long stroll together in the wet sand making foot impressions.

Turning her head towards him she said,
"Do you love me?"
"No I hate you.."
"Oh is it !! Then why are you wearing this blue color shirt that I gave you "
"That’s because I got it free.. "
He said that & ran as far as he could.. & shouted,
" You cant catch me with your heavy body lady.. "
She ran after him and they looked like two small kids playing in the water.

It was 7:00 AM in the morning. They were still at the beach but not together anymore.
They were carried away in a stretcher.
Tsunami had struck the beach last night.


Devil's Advocate said...

grrr.. wat a pathetic way to revive the blog page.. :'( please please and please.. dont do this again... and if possible change the style of ur blog page..

JollyRoger said...

Nice story. Hey btw recycling is good for the environment. Carry on.

Btw the Tsunami here happened at around 9 AM.

The Mahathma said...

so u have bloomed finally :p

Daisy Blue said...

@Devil's Advocate


@The Mahathma
Yup !!