Thursday, July 24, 2008

Morning Talk

A story finally!! For a change this time its by my husband J.He says that my stories inspired him to write one(So sweet you..even if its really not true ;) )!! Here it goes after my role as an editor.

Morning Talk

It was a very bright sunny morning when 4 year old Vandy woke up from her pink teddy bear bed. Normally her mom would have to drag her from bed with the usual cup of chocolate Complan but today she was up early! She walked into the living room to see the commotion that woke her up.

“Its been 5 years & I have not seen any change in you, you have been the same egotist, adamant person!! Its incredible how you complain about such small things..Its high time that we proceed with the papers.. I’m really pissed off with you..there is no peace in this house” told Vandy’s dad & walked away throwing the morning papers.

With the hot vessel in her hand, her mom yelled & came out from the kitchen. “Shut up you idiot!! Dont you dare speak these words to me….we started our acting careers together…but I left it for us..our future.. but have changed.. you are not the same person whom I loved.. all your loving words seem to have vanished after marriage…”

“Its all because of you Purni …You started it ..not me!! You & your investigation about my coming late last night..”

“Huh its been the fifth time that you missed your promise for taking us out to dinner you know when was the last time we talked romantically or we went out as a family..its been months now..”

“What the hell do you have been in acting..dont you know the complexity involved.?? For god’s sake for who am I striving so hard sitting late??Dont you, of people realize that Purni..”

“You go early in the morning & come back everyday so will you know what it feels for a girl who has left behind a career to sit alone whole day..there is no deviation ..its home home & home all through out..cant you just spare a few minutes with the people whom you love..”

Her voice was interrupted by little Vandy,

“Daddy.. is this your new sitcom?? long are you going to practice the dialogues with Daddy.. I’m hungry..wheres my chocolate complan??!!”

A moment of silence followed after which,

"On the way..” said Purni & smiled at Ashok , realizing that their child was growing!!

P.S : This post is dedicated to J for making me publish a story after a really long time.


Santosh said...

Nice story.. that was a good read. and left with loads of questions in the mind. simply great stroy. BTW who is J?

Daisy Blue said...

Thanks..btw J is my ensured that noone asks this Q ! :)

Karunakaran said...

Mr J ... why dont you take for a dinner for publishing such a story :)

Devil's Advocate said...

well this cud be called the refreshing story.. not like the last which I called pathetic way to revive.. Seriously a good piece of story and I liked this.. and ending it was awesome(even if it was not a dialogs practice), because it gives a good feeling. ;-)

P.S.:- More to see from J :P

JollyRoger said...

Nice 1. Did J take u 4 dinner after this post?

Daisy Blue said...

@Karunakaran @JollyRoger
Yup he did :)

@Devil's Advocate