Monday, July 16, 2007

Bin Laden's 51 year old DIL

A 51 year old granny has married Osama Bin Laden's son after a holiday romance.

I read this news in few newspapers. Though all of them carried the same details , none of them flashed the photographs.

Very curious about this 51 year old granny who could bowl over a 27 year old man & the man ,the son of the very (in)famous, most wanted criminal till date I googled and found these pictures of Mrs Felix-Browne & Omar Osama Bin Laden.





Extra scoops..

  • This is Omar's 2nd marriage & Felix's 5th (or is it 6th..)
  • Mrs Felix now uses an Islamic name Zaina Mohamad
  • Their "fairy-tale" romance seemed to have started the moment Omar saw her riding a horse (Whew.. . )
  • Mrs. Felix is a Parish Counselor while Omar works as a scrap metal dealer
  • She is a granny & he is one among the 17 (& still counting..) children of Osama
For more pictures & news check this link.

Between,I wonder how Osama looked when he was 27.


PurpleHeart said...

Yea, I saw this one on paper, too. I pity them both. Dad romancing US army and son has a rollicking time with Britsih granmoms !! Whoohooo....Is Bush listening ?

The Mahathma said...

shes hot

chronicwriter said...

hehe.. Mulla's daughter married Osama and Osama's daughter married Mulla... Now Omar is now adventurous with browne.. These guys are making it big.. A research on these guys would really help any student to learn more about relationships..

ScRiBbLeR said...

Bush must be having a wonderful time elsewhere :) like dusting his glasses.

@the mahathma
Oho...may be u need to add a clause "for 50+ ' :)

Seems like they are trying out every probable combination in relationships!

Honey Bee said...

should be as good as this guy

ScRiBbLeR said...

Even better I suppose ;)

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

She's pretty good looking for her age.

ScRiBbLeR said...

True.. but did u notice the layers of makeup ??

Day Dreamer said...

why are there no such "glamorous grannies" in our place?? :-(

ScRiBbLeR said...

@Day Dreamer
Hehe..I cant believe you have fallen for this granny ;)