Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"IT happened"

Earlier I would have stared at this statement,& wondered what is IT here. But now I know this capitalized IT refers to our very own Information Technology world & am I happy to be a part of IT ??!
Sometimes the answer is "YES" and sometimes the answer is "NO".

But hey I am not here to state the disadvantage and advantage of this IT. This post targets people who think that all people working in IT are selfish & mean minded and they sit on top of the loads of money they earn.Majority of the people who think like that, first of all do not know the difference between a call center employee and a Software professional.(No offense meant for call center employees)

I just saw a serial aired in the local channel with the title
as "Software" but the whole story was running around a callcenter. See I told you right??

Real estate prices have been increased because of IT boom.
ok ! So why are you targeting the people??Go and fight with the government that welcomes the MNCs to make stringent rules.
IT guys get to have both Saturday & Sunday off. That is true, but do you know we have to adjust to the client timings and attend calls (You do not know what is attending a call , forget it ) at 7:00 AM & 11:00 PM even if its on the same day.
I could go on & on & counter attack all the accusations.But I'm stopping here to convey a very important point.

"Hi Team,
I was confident that we would step up to the occasion and help out people with a need. You have pleasantly surprised us by seriously taking this up and closing out within 2 hours of opening the window."

This is a mail from my company's Center head. He is not talking about any movie tickets for Sivaji or Harry Porter. This is in response to the following ,

People rushed to help the children & elders of an orphanage & I do feel proud to be one among them.

So all those people who hate IT & target the
people working there, its high time that you jump from our well.


Devil's Advocate said...

well there is other side of coin too.. but well effort is appreciated.. :)

ScRiBbLeR said...

@Devil's Advocate

First of all,good to see you commenting my blog again :)
Next,yup there are so many sides of the coin, but I believe my intentions are justified !

vicky said...

I have seen this attitude among a lot of ppl...see wht happened to NRN, it was as if ppl(& politicians) were waiting for a chance to bounce on him! May be some ppl feel left out...there is this "rich grow richer" funda!
Werent all these bound to happen after the 1991 Economic reforms? Well...to quote Tony Blair "Success will go to those companies and countries which are swift to adapt, slow to complain, open and willing to change. The task of modern governments is to ensure that our countries can rise to this challenge."

s4n705h said...

go girl.. some one in favor of a software people. Love your attitude!!!

ScRiBbLeR said...

To a certain I will agree with you regarding NRN.
But yes definitely our govt should adapt to all these things.After all they are the ones who started it.

Thanks! After all it provides my bread & butter :)

chronicwriter said...

I misread santa as sania... Is your appraisal over?

The Mahathma said...


Bungi said...

He he... Considering that i am from the development field - perhaps the other end of the spectrum - i appreciate you guys effort. At the end of the day, i try to remember it is people at both ends of the spectrum and in between too...

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hehe..not yet :)

@The Mahathma>

That is true..some people are just bit vulnerable..

PurpleHeart said...

Talk of the BOOM in Indian economy and let's see if the opposition still stands strong. IT has indeed been a boost for any developing nation, yes, for the urban class. Rich getting richer like one of the comments said. We can't help it. People should walk out of limited circles and make themselves part of this revolution. Of course, we go thru' all the "Ahh-why-this-job" feeling (I go thru it most of the time:)..) Hate it or love it, there's no point denying that IT is hottest job in the world !

The Mahathma said...

bungi is drunk! dont listen to her!

ScRiBbLeR said...

We sure are sailing in the same boat Sandhya :)

Mahathma..whatever do you mean by that .. Bungi are you reading this?!

Honey Bee said...

inru mudhal IT proffession Ko Pa Sa endru anbudan azhaikapaduvai

Honey Bee said...

this is not a comment.
is http://scribbler.in your site? all these days i have been visiting there. thought its yours. Is my guess right?

ScRiBbLeR said...

Honeybee.. "Ko Pa Sa" apadeena??! :)

Oh no.. your guess is absolutely wrong!!

Honey Bee said...

KO Pa Sa endral KO Pa Sa thaan... sari melum vivarangalukku .....Thodurbukolveer Vijaya T.R.
Yena avar thaan DMK voda munnal KoPaSa. Ennum puriyalaiya?

Kolgai Parappu Sayalalar....

( Are you bleeding?)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Puridhu vitadhu..
& yes I'm bleeding.. "same blood"