Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Stephanie-Part II


"Hey Steph!!Wait for me" that was Michelle,her best friend.

"Michelle you have a bike...!!!!"
She looked at Michelle.She was trying to park her bike.Her small lovely curls danced in her dark skin.She had a polka dotted bag with " This bag belongs to Michelle Derkins" written on top of it. She smiled at Steph.

"Michelle looks happy with her new bike" thought Steph,"atleast she neednt worry about sharing it with anyone."

"So Michelle..!!you have a new bike.."
"No.. thats my sis"
"Oh.. "
"Yeah my elder sis..she is grown up now & doesnt need it anymore..thats what dad told"
"But..dont you need a new one ??"
"Nah...I'm..hey I hear the bell..lets rush "

Steph was lost in her wonderland like Alice(in wonderland).She was fidgeting in her seat.

"My name is Stephanie Tanner "
"Now isnt that the shortest introduction we have ever heard Ms Tanner.."
That was Miss Velma -the prettiest teacher of her school. She was wearing a knee length pleated skirt .Her hair was short and blonde.Steph always thought she looked like her mom. But definitely not today.
"Miss Velma's stomach doesnt look like Santa" she grumbled .

"Did you tell me something Steph..."
"Hmm .. no .. we are having someone new in our house"
"Oh.. dont tell me that its a pet is not allowing me to keep one.."
"Err..No Michelle.. I will be having a younger sister or brother soon.."
"Oh that's lovely Steph !!you could boss around her whole day.."
"Boss around her.. !!!!!"
"Yes!Like my sister.."
"Oh does she??! "
"Yes!! and she gets to do all the things first! Can you believe she gets a very big room and I'm left with the smallest room of the house.."
"That looks bad..."
"Yes thats the advantage of being a nosy sister.."
"So do you like her at all.."
"Hmm let me think..I do like her... because she makes me these little chocolate cookies..see wanna bite.. yummy.."
" thanks"
"Hey ..last night mom got a teddy from someone and I happened to keep that ..and I've named him Browny.. wait till I show you.." "Ok Steph see ya.. "
"Bye.. "

Steph waved at Michelle and stood pondering over the conversation.She looked confused.
"Being a big sister might be fun afterall " she thought.
"But I dont want to lose things like Mr Browny"

She saw her car coming and just hoped that her dad would clarify all her doubts.
"Hey Steph.."
"Now thats not dad's voice "
"Uncle George..!!where is dad?!"


Anubhuti said...

post the next part soon!

ScRiBbLeR said...

Will try by best :) !!

chronicwriter said...

mmmm. suspense is piling up big time.. keep it rolling

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hmm sure Chriz !!! :)

PurpleHeart said...

Is Steph's dad in the story at all ? Don't tell me he's dead and they are hiding it from her !! plzzzz, Gomathy ! And by the ways, I love Steph ! :)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Hmm I'll have to keep you guessing that!!