Thursday, July 12, 2007

Stephanie - Part III - THE END

"Dad wasnt able to make it Steph ..he.."
"Why,... I want daddy.. !!! "

"Now now.. whats this coming from the eyes ...I know that you dont cry .."

"I'm not crying.."
"Dont you want this??"
"Iceeee cream..........Thank you uncle!!"
"Hmm now thats a good girl.. come lets go see your small little sister..."
"Yes!! you have become the big sister now..and dad is in the hospital with them! we will just meet them in a few minutes."

Steph surely had not expected the "new arrival" so soon. She was shocked and looked quite perplexed.
The sky looked gloomy in gray colored suit.Steph was peeping through the car window. She saw kids of her age playing in a park. Big boys were playing some game with a ball.
"The game which dad sees in TV" thought Steph.

They crossed another small park and Steph saw a little girl shorter than herself, pushing something very big. The girl was smiling and looked contended; she was wearing a white frock with frills.
"What long Rapunzel.." Steph wondered before turning her attention to what the girl was pushing.Below was a blue pram inside which a small baby ,nearly the size of her mom's hand,was lying down amidst a huge chunk of soft pillows and teddys.

They were nearing them now and Steph could hear the girl tell.
"My sweet
little sister..when are you going to call my name.. "
"Here hold my finger.."

she said & the baby grabbed her thumb and gave a cute lazy smile.

"Ahem..a long wait in the signal huh Steph.."
"Lets speed up now"

That was uncle George whose words jolted Steph back to her car.
"Uncle George..!!"
"Yes sweetheart.."
"Did you see it..??"
"It??Oh the baby yes just had a look.. & she looks sweet just like you "
Steph smiled for the first time since morning.

"Will she hold my finger if I give her.. "
"Hmm will she not love to do that to her big sister??"

"Go fast uncle I want to see her soon"


Anubhuti said...

hey is this is 'The end' then why you wrote this in Part-I "(Little did she know that her dad would fail again and never be able to keep up his promise in the evening )"???

ScRiBbLeR said...

Her her dad did fail right?!
It was Uncle George who picked her up !!

chronicwriter said...

Good one... Any more steph series?

PurpleHeart said...

Why WHy Why !! Why is this the end ??

s4n705h said...

nice one. had to read the other two part to get the true essence. touching!!!

I felt i am the same 5 year old and thinking the same way steph was thinking.

Devil's Advocate said...

this is the end? [:O] i wonder.. this could have been a beginning of new chapter.. it sweet though.. :)

P.S.:-hope will be seeing the love and fight episode of steph and her sister 'Jane Scully' or flick.. ;)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Chriz..Thanks.. nothing in pipeline as of now :)

May be something new will pop up :)

Thanks a lot..& for your patience to read the previous parts :)

@Devil's Advocate
Thanks :)
Hmm.. thats a good idea though ..!!

Devil's Advocate said...

he he he..[:P]