Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Companion

Its 10:30 PM.
I'm lying down in my bed , with my night lamp on.
My roomie is already in her second stage of sleep(she sleeps at 9 )

My hand is holding Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey.
At this moment I'm alone with this companion,

Incase you are still blinking at the monitor , dont worry ,I can enlighten you.
Thats my room's fan(fan->not equal to the fans in orkut),and the sound accompanies
even my dreams.

P.S: Please bear with the sound quality, I couldn't reach like a giraffe.


vigneswaralu said...

True... nothing beats a creaking fan for the companionship it offers during a sleepless night..
ever tried making out vivid patterns out of its rotation?..

PurpleHeart said...

IS your fan as silent like it's muted. 'coz I couldn't hear anything at all !

ScRiBbLeR said...

Yes I have tried :)

Oho...the sound quality is very poor I agree..but believe me people in the other end of my phone have been irritated with this noise :D

chronicwriter said...

cant hear anything.. btw, i have a pet mosquito now..

ScRiBbLeR said...

Cant believe you guys are unable to hear my companion..
So looks like you are having a
good night with
mosquito bite..!!

Honey Bee said...

vroom vromm vromm.. is it like this or is it like terk terk terk terk....

ScRiBbLeR said...

Its "terk terk terk terk" :)

Jude said...


ScRiBbLeR said...

Haha !! Jude I'm glad that you could hear it :)

The Mahathma said...

i can hear dead ppl talking

ScRiBbLeR said...

I'm glad you could hear that..!!