Thursday, April 12, 2007


The sun was yet to come out from its secret hideout between the clouds.The bright orangish yellow light covered the water like a blanket,enhancing its beauty.

An old grandpa was walking using a stick in hand & earphones in his ears.Few teenage boys were roaring with laughter and played cricket with vibrant energy. A middle aged woman seemed isolated with deep concentration in her morning yoga.One very fat lady,dragging her rather thin maid was collecting shells .

A couple was sitting in the sand & chatting quietly amidst the roaring waves. Cleaners were busy with their work ,picking up all the chocolate wrappers,empty coke bottles & lays covers ,which seemed to be like a mountain.Two stray dogs were running & fighting, not giving a damn to all these people around.

It was 5:45 AM and yes,I was at the beach.

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