Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I had always been intrigued with the way wikipedia works ,managing its infinite users. My interests grew even more with the recent wikicamp held in Chennai & the subsequent reviews.
It was then I came to know about a new term called unconference !!
And now I'm a proud wiki member and have my own page in blogging wikia. Though right now this has nothing but my blog feeds.biggrin My wiki page
Wiki pages have this powerful versioning feature that versions every saved page in its history folder. I understood its immense power when I deleted some lines in a wrong page!!

I have even enlisted my name in the blogging wikians


Anna said...

And that's how I found you :D hahah I guess it pays to advertise!

anirban said...

Someone has put adwords!!
I remember an old post....

::GoMaThY:: said...

People change with time :P..!!
I revert my old post!!