Monday, April 9, 2007

Train journey

I love travelling by trains especially long distances.Since I started working, it has become a rather monthly routine and the excitement has become little less;it is just another journey home.
This Friday when I boarded my usual over night train I didn't realize that it will end up as one of my irritating ones!!
There was this guy who was talking non - stop (literally .. .!!! mad) to every person in the compartment. Not only was he non stop, but also with a voice that seemed to have swallowed a mike.
I donned a DUMB look rather than my usual reclusive persona & turned console towards my book. He was such a person who was trying very much to grab a conversation with any living soul possible!!

When I returned from a 5 minute break,
Mr. non stop : You going to sit here...
Me: ..
Mr. non stop: Going to read.. ??
Me: ..
Mr. non stop : You can take my berth its lower.. you needn't climb up
Me:No thanks.
Mr non stop : I guess it will be convenient for you .. cause..
Me : .. eek

I just climbed to my berth , (thanking god that its upper ) and went into my silent slumber.!!

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Girish said...

ha ha ha... hope u had a wonderful journey.. :-))