Friday, April 27, 2007


9:30 PM
I was lying down in a mattress which had some funny patterns made of light green and cream colors. I could see stars above my head spread across the wide,dark velvety black sky. Some stars stood out from the rest owing to their brightness and they seemed like beauty pageant winners.
This scene above was neither a dream nor a story.Such was the beauty of the sky last
night.I could trace only one of the two constellations that I knew-The Big dipper though in an inverted position.A giant spoon which could scoop a heap , had the sky been an icecream!!
closed my eyes wanting to observe the nature's silence.
First I heard the whooz sound of an airplane,followed by rumbling noise of a train,making me realize the proximity of the airport and a railway station!!A jazz or rock could not beat the sound emerging from the horns of the innumerable vehicles on the road.Then there were the loud thuds,very heavy and continuous courtesy the constructions that never seem to end.

Has nature's sound changed with time?!


Girish said...

nice one.. :)

:: GoMaThY :: said...

Thanks :)