Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This weekend I went into one of those moods, when you wish to pamper & spoil yourself completely!!

I wanted to do some shopping and get some summer wear. That is how I landed up in a shop by the name "Fast Fashions" .I wonder what they mean by fast here; rather it could have been "Suffocating fashions" - such was its space & the over flowing crowd!!

There was a variety in the crowd- uncles,aunts,teenage gals & guys even small kids all googling over the very small shop. There was no space to move or even look ahead forget about finding the place where our requirement existed. There was exactly only one attender to assist the people with the categories and prizes. And I bet the shop owner didn't use another hand as that will lose one more customer!!

With so much fuss, mess and chaos all around me , I fled away from the shop- "Fast (exit)Fashion" indeed!!
And what a relief it was to breathe fresh air and listen to vehicle noises; even that seemed better compared to the crowd buzz.
But then so much for my intention to pamper

Such was the experience that when I accompanied by friend later for a 5 minute job in a shop, I decided to simply stand out!! But very strangely something caught my eye;It was a big 70% !! Yes , no kidding .I was standing
in front of The Pantaloon factory outlet and they were having end of sale season.
One hour later, when I came out of the shop, I had a big bag in my hand
I pampered myself very well indeed !!

And if its a sale the joy always doubles !!!razz


Girish said...

haha did you try washing those clothes??? 70% is wat u can find in them i guess.. :-)))

::GoMaThY:: said...

Haha..havent done..but its ok once in a while :P

Devil's Advocate said...

this is not fair.. [:|]