Monday, April 23, 2007

Swimming underwater

A recent comment from my friend made me realize that its been long since I wrote a book review!!
And here it goes about the book "Swimming underwater" by Sheena Joughin.

I got this book on my first visit to the British Council Library.Having
no clue either about this book or its author , I took it for the intriguing prologue & the very attractive flowery front cover!!

The book is a first person narrative of Ruth, a 30 something female,&
enlists her day to day happenings revolving around her boyfriend,his sister,& a dying friend.
In between the narration, the author dates back to the past introducing us
to Ruth's mother who is an orderly doctor,her very odd Aunt who smokes cigars all the time & types poems,Aunts friend Diane who is rich & stylish & then her attractive son Gray with whom Ruth establishes an untold relationship.

In a sudden turn around of events, Gray enters Ruth's life again and Ruth is tormented between reality & love.The transition between the past & present is absolutely fantastic and each character is in itself a poem. Even the very complex situations are handled with utmost control & grace which makes the book stand out from the rest.

All is fair in love & war - does it hold true every time? Find out in this amazing novel by the winner of the London Short Story Competition.


anirban said...

I guess the publishers ought to pay you now ... after all, no one writes free reviews like these nowadays! ;-)

:: GoMaThY :: said...

I hope this is meant as a compliment :)

Devil's Advocate said...

typical choice..[:p]

PurpleHeart said...

That was a cool one ! I think you should write more reviews now, as I find there are quite a no: of folks interested ! :)