Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yet another look!!

My blog has a new make-over !!!mrgreen
As usual it was not at all an easy task to arrive with the desired template;my three-column template making it even more difficult.Not to mention my widgets!
This is what I did ultimately,
  • I downloaded the dots three column template from blogcrowds resources.
  • Then copied the widgets manually from the old .xml file and pasted in the new file.(You can add it later through the page elements tab also. But this requires generating all your widgets again)
  • Then uploaded the new template and made the final changes.
Hard work pays off atleast here. And this time I did keep in mind the changes needed for the smileyscool
And here is a glimpse of my old minima look.


anirban said...

i say you are addicted to anything that matches /*blog*/i :-D

:: GoMaThY :: said...

A wildcat search!!
Now someone seems addicted to something else :P

Girish said...

nice :-)

Devil's Advocate said...


:: GoMaThY :: said...

Thanks :)