Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gossipy afternoon

Conversation between two girls working in a beauty parlor. Just happened to be attended by one of them.

" You know A who acts in that soap aired at 9:00 "
"Yeah yeah she looks so funny in that, hey you used to attend her earlier right?"
"Yes, but she doesn't come here anymore"
"Oh.. she used to look old..I won...."
"U know she got married recently.. her husband is my bro's client..one bald headed fellow "
"But I thought she was married earlier..u know the guy who used to accompany her "
"I used to think the same.. may be they got divorced.. "
"May be or. ....."

PS : This post comes with the label Eavesdrop even though they were talking right into my ears.


Anju said...

You can get fantastic blog post material from beauty parlours!! I've heard more ridiculous stuff from the customers. Good one.

ScRiBbLeR said...

Yeah very true unless you do some beautification to your ears & be deaf :P