Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stephanie-Part I

It was a bright sunny morning and the birds were chirping merrily.

Stephanie was wearing a navy blue color pinafore and a white collared shirt.Her small golden hair was parted & made into two ponytails. Her back was loaded with a pink school bag and it had a big barbie smiling in style.
Stephanie liked to be called as Steph with a big emphasis in the last syllable.She was the complete picture of a class second kid waiting for her school bus.

Steph looked angry and gross today. No, she was not like Calvin who hated the school. She was like Susie, studious ,smart and teacher's pet.
She was upset because her dad failed to keep up his promise. This was her first day after the big holidays and he promised to drop her at school.

"Sorry Stephanie..err.. Steph.." dad had started.
Somehow he was not able to come in terms with her shortened sweet name "Steph" .
"You do know that mommy is sick don't you dear??I will pick you up in the evening and we will grab an ice-cream??and aren't you eager to see the new face my girl.. ??"
Oh yes! New face.. new face!!

That's the only word she had been hearing since the day her mother became sick with a stomach like Santa.
"Steph will not be alone will soon get a little baby brother or sister to play with. Wouldn't that be great??"
She remembered the first time her parents told about the new entrant.

"I want mommy.. " she had cried one day when her mom puked and refused to play with her.

"I hate this new thing into our house"
Steph murmured and hopped into the school bus.
(Little did she know that her dad would fail again and never be able to keep up his promise in the evening )


Anubhuti said...

lovely start! waiting for the next part eagerly! :)

chronicwriter said...

jeremy is a lovely brother to jolena.. last week he pulled her out of her crib and wanted to play with her.. the little one started crying big time(jolena and jeremy are my niece and nephew respectively)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Steph isnt as bad as you think Chriz..all these sudden hype is taking a toil on her..wait & see how she handles.. !!She will just do fine..

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thanks a lot!!!

PurpleHeart said...

Looks like Dave has got a G-friend already ! Awesome !

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thanks Sandhya..!!
Well..isnt she a sweety..Dave will surely like her.. !!

appletini said...

It's a horrible thing to break so many promises to children ;(

ScRiBbLeR said...

Sometimes..adults cant help right??

Praveen said...

one doubt.. steph is monosyllabic right?? there is no first and last syllable in that.. correct me if i am wrong

ScRiBbLeR said...

Praveen..I'm not a good judge for this..Will keep this mind & do a bit of research next time :)
People are welcome to enlighten me!!