Friday, June 29, 2007

I hate CTS

"Hey was searching for you..want to grab a bite of my cooking.. "
[that was my PG (Paying Guest) mate.. ].. Ok too many brackets!!

".. "

"Hello.. ma'am.."

"What happened ..??Are you ok ?? "

"I was hit by a sumo .."

"What you were hit.."

"No my scooty & I happen to be driving that.. "

"Need some water??or juice??.."

"Ok juice.. " (Isnt she sweet ??.. )

"Here..nothing happened right..??"

"No I balanced..but the sudden jerk took a bit of me.. thanks I'm better now.. "

"Between that was a CTS's (Cognizant Technological Solution)cab"

P.S: No funny comments allowed for this post.


S4n705h said...

Lucky you.. You could file a complaint about rash driving. Dont ask me for number!!

ScRiBbLeR said...

I definitely know what you are talking..I have also seen things like
"Am I driving rash???Call this number.."
May be I was in the wrong side of the vehicle & did I tell you that it was raining cats & dogs!!

Jude said...

Hmm... be extra careful around the crazy cabbies.

About funny comments, I'll leave you with a quote.

"Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place." -- Mark Twain

Amrita said...

sounds horrible. glad you're ok :)

chronicwriter said...

no funny comments for this? i came with lots fo hopes to comment..

The Mahathma said...

u hit a sumo! why!

PurpleHeart said...

Talk about it !! All those, Sumos, Indicas, Qualises ... nothing cld be more dangerous ! Cab Drivers should be asked to be licensed
not-rash !!!

ScRiBbLeR said...

Yes need to be really careful with these guys..And thanks for the lifted my spirits..
actually I was sailing in this quote,
"Calvin: Reality continues to ruin my life."

Yeah.. :)

OK Chriz I have withdrawn my PS

@The Mahathma
Are your whacky eyes ok??

Yes!!They think they own the road.

Praveen said...

Is the sumo ok?? no damages to the sumo or driver right??!!!!!

ScRiBbLeR said...

Did I not tell you..
the sumo is in hospital !! :)