Friday, June 15, 2007


His black leather watch showed 6:45 PM.He had exactly one hour and fifteen minutes in his hands.
"I dislike men who are not punctual " her words kept running through his mind. Unpunctuality was the last thing in his mind at this hour & thats why he started a little early. But the huge chunk of vehicles before his car made him sweat inspite of the air condition.

"Hey what do you think you are doing mister", Sure he was taken aback with her question on their first meet.He knew he had been staring at her for long but never had a clue that a girl could counter attack him.
"Hmm.. well.. I think you look .. quite... heavenly,.. " he remembered his stammering.
"God, no one has ever made me this nervous" he thought.

His lips curved into a smile thinking of those wonderful times.

"Beep..thump.. " he heard all those sounds and was relieved to see the traffic clear.
His watch showed 7:10 PM when he reached the railway station and he knew she would be pleased to see him on dot.
He saw a big butterfly hoarding & recollected her musical voice.

"See.. have you ever praised me like this..almond eyes that flutters like a this one line is wanting me to leave you . ."
She teased him tearing the letter.
"I know guys are gaga over you and your eyes especially. & oh.. I'm one among those poor creatures.. " he flattered her further.

He had a clear picture of the day when she showed him a love letter from her neighbour.
Still ten more minutes.
He adjusted his glasses and took a glimpse of himself at the mirror in a shop.
"Not bad man" he said to himself.

He started picturing how she looked in their last meet.
She had such long hair which was black like the night sky & she had left it loose . Her clear skin face looked bright like a full moon.

The announcement of her train's arrival jolted him back to reality. She was fidgeting in her seat ; his wife whom he had missed terribly made him forget all about the noisy surrounding.
The fat lady yelling, a small boy crying, vendors shouting nothing mattered anymore.

He rushed immediately & took her hand.Two drops of tears rolled from the same butterfly eyes which was now covered with dark cooling glasses.He removed them.

"Shh.. do not cry my dear I can still see you..even if you cant..your eyes look lovely.. "
He wiped the tears from her wrinkled skin and touched her hair that was still long, though grey.

She leaned on him & they strolled together with his walking stick.

They were one among the few who were united after the deadly war.

P.S: I restricted very much from making it a sad-ending ; Did I succeed or not ?? Well, that depends on your perspective.


Anonymous said...

now thats quite lovely and touching!

Anonymous said...

dripping *sob* *sob*...
i hate these sort of stories :)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thank you very much!

Try not to be a frog in the well Hehehe :)

Aspire to be Dr.Jekyll Always said...

As far as i could see there is common thread in all your stories , or your style seem to be always hum-tum .

Is that style you adopted yourself ?

ScRiBbLeR said...

@Aspire to be Dr.Jekyll Always
Thanks for ur patience to read patience.!
Well..I seem to be able to write around these areas..I wish to change & not be monotonous!!
Lets see :)

chronicwriter said...

you have any connection with the tamil movie maker,"bala"?

ScRiBbLeR said...

NOOOOOOOOO.. I do not have.. & do not wish to..
Next time I'll come up with something interesting :)

Praveen said...

"Her clear skin face looked bright like a full moon"- a full moon is not perfectly clear it has big black patches all over the first look it seems very bright.. but a second careful look reveals the defects..i think guys should keep in this mind always ;-)))