Monday, June 25, 2007

What a day !!

I drove in early to attend a meeting, or a conference call, whichever you are familiar with(remember..inspite of my monday morning blues) only to find a mail with subject "Postponed until tomorrow".

The sun was smiling or rather laughing merrily ;Its just two days since my previous post.

I broke my favourite keychain.

I'm still hung with yesterday's rupture with someone and I regret it already. Did I say that I feel sorry too.???

I have sprained my neck ; I wonder if I tried to do some Vicky(Small wonder) trick at night.

My mobile reminder couldnt do its job for a friend's birthday when Orkut could. Why?!
Oh yeah..I had been intelligent enough to keep the reminder a month later.

I tried to capture mother nature from my office pantry

but ended up with the dust that dressed the glass!!


ScRiBbLeR said...

Chriz! I'm awestruck at your intelligence.!

Praveen said...

cherish this pic yaar.. in a few years u ll never see such scenes in chennai.. atleat u can show this to ur child "paaru ma chellam.. idhu thaan mazhai" :-)