Thursday, June 14, 2007

Somethings remain sweet forever

What is it like to be away from the usual busy(is it?!) life, that starts with snoozing the mobile alarm , to keeping a book mark in the last read page of a novel & switching off the night lamp??
Its like a big piece of black forest cake that has a big layer of chocolate cake with considerable amount of icing and a big cherry that sits right on top of it.. !!!
I'm just back from a vacation & Im feeling like a small kid showing tantrums to go to school after holidays.

P.S:No connection between the above & below lines.

Off late Ive developed some interest in Western songs, never gave much thought earlier, no idea why.
I remembered a song taught by a school miss called Gracia when I was in standard seven . We were having our annual school day and I was in the school choir.We were
supposed to sing lot of songs in between plays, or dance or anything that needed a break.(Poor audience).
And there were many different languages .. national songs !!(pity the people .. )

It was the first time they thought of having a western song which Gracia madam, (thats how we call there!) pioneered.

I also remember the rift that happened between the two teachers (one western; one Indian) to manage the common students in both sections.(I happened to one among them!)
Anyway not boring you folks.. a wiki search of the song.. and I came to realize that its the state song of Kansas.
Now I wonder why for Heavens sake were we asked to sing that!!!

P.S:I'm an amateur , you are welcome to enlighten me.


chronicwriter said...

reminds me of bob marley's ," buffalo soldier"... How did you guys perform?

ScRiBbLeR said...

I guess we performed Ok .. noone threw eggs :)
Thanks for blogrolling.

Praveen said...

ha ha i still remember the incidents.. and the tantrums both of them threw in front of the class :-)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Praveen I'm surprised that you remember that :)