Friday, June 1, 2007

Poor Doggy

My neighbor is a 50 something old man. I'm not sure whether he is the master or the servant of the house.Anyway this guy has got a pet recently. No marks for guessing it right;any fool can find with the post title.
This is a small puppy with white skin & some black spots all over(Is this a dalmatian?!), and the guy finds every possible way to beat it!!! Though I hate dogs , and not @ all a doggy person, the dogs eyes really moved me. I felt that its trying to tell me something. May be one of these,

"Will you rescue me ?!"
"Are you going to beat me too"
"I want my mommy. "
"I miss my brother"
"I want a big juicy bone "

Have a look at yourself , I'm sure you will agree with me.

Just look at his eyes cry


PurpleHeart said...

am not a doggy person either but I love watching them play around. I think u shld go ahead and really set the doggy free . He doesn't look like a very expensive one ! So the master needn't regret much ! And well, it's always better for the dossy to be straying than get beaten up all the time !! Ohh somebody from Bluecross reading this ???

ScRiBbLeR said...

On the other hand,
nowadays I notice that the master thinks it as his own child. He keeps on talking to the doggy.. & takes liberty in scolding too..

The Mahathma said...

wht u doing talking snaps and posting ! call the spca or PFA and complian imm!

ScRiBbLeR said...

Its kind of odd,but today morning the dog was not tied!!
After all the guys seem to like it very much !!

Aspire to be Dr.Jekyll Always said...

I empathize your feeling on this . I have been such in experience . But I am sure Blue Cross might not be of much help on these . Owner claim that they taking care of them and i am sure they wouldn't have infrastructure to evaluate the health of the dog on they spot and proceed legally against owners

Anju said...

I love dogs and I'd be really mad at someone if they beat a dog that looked like this guy! on the other hand, I wouldn't care if it was a pomeraian dog. They don't classify as dogs...silly little yelping things. But this dog is really sweet! I hope the guy treats him well.

ScRiBbLeR said...

@Aspire to be Dr.Jekyll Always
I agree with what u tell

I also hope so..
Btw these "silly little yelping things" once tore my dress.It was white furry one!!