Monday, June 18, 2007

My wishes

Somethings that I want to do in life..
  • Own the entire Calvin & Hobbes collection
  • Get the entire Full House series
  • Visit an English country side & wear one of these English ladies dresses wink
  • Learn Piano
  • Own a small library of books
  • Do the interior design of my house with bright & colorful curtains
  • Stitch my own dress
  • Write a novel (even if noone is ready to read smile)
Able to think only this much right now .. more might continue..


chronicwriter said...

me too wanna do the first two points.. point three- if i do that, won't they call me a crossdresser?..point 4: yippee. me an eigth grader..point5: thanks to my dog and myself, half my collection of books are torn.point 6- interior design is not my cup of coffee.. would love doing virtual design in my dreams. point 7 - nooooooo. 8- yup yup yup.. coming up(two)..

i am still thining about the third point.. any takers?

ScRiBbLeR said...

1&2 .. Arent they just great !!
4.. I envy you..
Reg 8.. coming up already thats wats it about ..??
3..u still thinking about it.. well.. NO COMMENTS HERE hehehe

PurpleHeart said...

No no no..plz go ahead with the novel...I am ready to read it, Gomathy !!! I mean, I am sure people should start looking beyond brand to identify better ones ! And has been a while since I dropped in..great posts ! :)

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thanks Sandhya!!
Hope I do write one day.

chronicwriter said...

1."men doNT cry"
2." its hard to be a dad"

Anonymous said...

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