Friday, June 22, 2007


The temperature in my Firefox shows 28 degree celcius.I'm neither in any hill station nor on a vacation, I'm in Chennai, one of the hottest cities in the World.
Some effects of this rain & the chilly weather...
  • I'm just unable to get up from my cozy bed in the mornings.
  • I don't mind wearing a convertible sandal to work.
  • I'm happy not to wear the gloves while driving.
  • The restroom seems to be the warmest place in my office.
  • Suddenly I have an affinity towards hot drinks & tender coconuts seem to be nowhere in sight.
  • I rocked my jacket from its sleep & the poor thing is working hard nowadays.
  • Rain songs have become the in-thing in the world of FM radio.
  • I'm getting some mud spa while driving, thanks to the pot holes that decorate the roads.
  • I feel like inventing a wiper for my helmet.
  • My geyser is smiling since I'm using it after a long time.
  • I'm using two blankets @ night .
  • Mr.Rain is not letting me enjoy the terrace walks.
And nope. I do not want to sing "Rain rain go away.. " at least for sometime.


chronicwriter said...

did you conduct any gender analysis on RAIN? how do you know that rain is a man?

ScRiBbLeR said...

Doesnt rain sound like a man to you??
Girls have more attraction towards it ought to be a MAN !!

Anubhuti said...

nice post gomathy!

PurpleHeart said...

Looks like a very sweet change to you!! Rains here in Kerala get ferocious, though !

PurpleHeart said...

By the ways, I skipped ur earlier post 'coz I have cast my vote already !

ScRiBbLeR said...

Thanks for stopping by Anu!!!

Yes & I love it. But too much of anything is also not good
Hope the sun peeks in between :)

Pravin said...

Two blankets at 28 degrees? :P

Pretty soon, I'll have to go to college and I'll start hating rains. But for now, I love it :D

chronicwriter said...

so if guys like rain, do we have to call those guys, gays?

The Mahathma said...

commented on the wrong post! bacardi never tasted this good :-) ...

ScRiBbLeR said...

Nights are more chilly :)
Yup weather is lovely to chill only at home.. !!!

You could say that.. then probably u can make the rain as Female..
What say..?? btw do u like "HER"??! :)

@The Mahathma
Bacardi effect ?? commenting in wrong posts :P

Jude said...

what's a convertible sandal?

ScRiBbLeR said...

Check this!!

Jude said...

interesting. i should have said hello. hello, scribbler.

ScRiBbLeR said...

Haha.. Hi Jude !!!

Praveen said...

"pot holes decorating the road".. dont let anyone from chennai corporation see this.. they happily decorate it more :-)

ScRiBbLeR said...

That was a good warning Praveen..!! :)